Services for Companies

Allegiant FS works with institutional, corporate and commercial borrowers to provide insight into not only general market trends around pricing, terms and conditions, etc., but how banks and corporate borrowers operate, think and make decisions.

Our core advisory services include:

  • Advising on debt reorganisations / restructures / M&A
  • Coordination of debt refinancings, establishing market appetite and creating competitive tension
  • Market testing to ensure the best available terms are achieved for company debt facilities and transactional arrangements
  • Working capital / Trade analysis to optimise internal efficiencies
  • Reviews of FX, hedging, risk management effectiveness, together with creation of hedging policies that align with internal risk appetite
  • Direct interaction with your financier to achieve the best outcome
  • Assists clients faced with downgrades, covenant breaches or defaults
  • Can act in an Advisory Board capacity or subject matter expert
  • Provides legal review of term sheets, finance agreements and security documents.

These services are tailored to the specific situation, however always coordinated to ensure the best result within your timeframe.