How we add value

Our people understand implicitly how financiers and corporate borrowers work and the key drivers that influence their decisions.

The key elements behind our value proposition include:

  • our independence – we are not brokers and are not tied to any financier
  • our experience – our substantial experience offers real insight into the operational and decision making processes of banks, financial services organisations and corporate borrowers
  • our profile – we know, and are known and respected by all the institutional financiers and both listed and unlisted corporate borrowers operating in Australia, creating a significant competitive advantage for our clients
  • our knowledge – we have an up to date and comprehensive industry knowledge, keeping our clients informed about the latest trends in financial markets, changes to bank lending policies, pricing, etc., and
  • our expertise – as part of a large independent legal firm, we can provide legal review of finance documents and contracts to ensure their efficacy and market consistency.