Completed transactions

Allegiant FS provides a diverse range of services to corporate and commercial borrowers, together with financial services clients. A brief snap shot of some of these services executed over the past few years are detailed below.

  • Arranged bank funding to provide for business rationalisation, restructures, asset purchases and refurbishments where existing bank appetite was limited
  • Implemented Advisory Boards and acted on Advisory Boards for companies to provide additional expertise
  • Secured debt trading agreements for non performing loans held with Australian banks
  • Arranged trade finance, foreign exchange and associated transactional banking facilities for an Australian export companies across multiple global jurisdictions
  • Coordinated bank finance for multiple development projects (for both domestic and international developers), utilising competitive tender processes
  • Managed several refinances that have included improved security positions
  • Instances of companies looking to grow, however existing Bankers unwilling to assist. Secured refinances to financiers that better understand the specific industry dynamics
  • Multiple debt repricing outcomes within the same bank, however with substantial annual interest savings and improved terms and conditions
  • Expert witness opinions and reports in support of litigation action taken by lenders against various companies
  • On multiple occasions, refinance from ‘Bad Bank’ into ‘Good Bank’ on improved profitability and restructured business models. Ongoing assistance provided in the presentation of financial data to Bank, including development of dash board reporting.
  • Provision of advice to Boards to help to formulate strategies involving asset sales, refinancings and help understand ‘bank psychology’
  • Compiled a lending and operational policy and framework to support a Bank’s strategic growth into various new industry segments
  • Arranged funding lines through non-bank financiers where appetite was limited in the traditional bank market
  • Compiled a lending and operational policy to meet the requirements of a “start-up” lender. Also provided advice about the formulation of an internal risk grading matrix and potential pitfalls during the business growth
  • Legal review of bank documentation highlighting significant short-comings and clauses / covenants that are often contrary or unworkable